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fall winter 20-21

A journey through the many Eternal City’s paths. A story on the ‘made in Italy’ as it goes on and on, bringing about a novelty day by day.

Vita italiana returns with a new chapter. Santaniello Fall Winter 2020/2021 collection was set among some delightful atmospheres in Rome.
Between the remains of an ever-present past and simple daily habits with an unceasingly fresh start.
Between the existing contrasts making a fair balance over time.

Once again, an eye out on what was before us means respect for tradition as a starting point
and inevitable reference in the iconic tailoring cuts, in the choice of patterns and in the careful finishing details of the garments.

In particular, for the new trousers models, the design and fabrics chosen are the result of a careful study of shapes, materials and proportions, with the aim of creating timeless garments.
Suitable for any public. Long usability. Free of seasonality, ever-trendy.

Santaniello’s new classics are changing pairings with surprising combinations, just like the layers of different cultures giving life to a city like Rome.
Traces of the past, of history that happens by alternating architecture and open spaces.

Just like the weaving weaves with empty and full effect, the plays of symmetries, the organic dyes creating tactile surfaces on jackets, trousers and suits.

Sacred and profane, natural and manmade. Shapes and materials, colors and non-colors.


In a complex city, just like a piece of clothing, where white ends and black begins,
there are irregular edges, shades of gray and paths to follow.

The Fall Winter 2020-2021 collection is a stroll proposed by mixing inspirations
as we do with cultures, looking for connections to create evolutions.

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