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In a reflection of the past, the Santaniello Fall-Winter 2023-2024 collection celebrates the New Formal style through the use of five adjectives, which creative director Antonio Santaniello has employed to craft a distinctive manifesto for men’s fashion.

Building upon these new principles, a reimagining of jacket options, including 2-button, 3-button, and double-breasted styles, has occurred. The focus is on cleaner cuts, open shoulders, updated lengths with central slits, and a more relaxed fit to bring a modern touch to the classic designs.

Within the range of trousers, a pivotal element in the brand’s history, you can explore seasonal interpretations of models like Arechi, Nagon, Clark, Palatino, Fold, and 945T, along with sartorial cargo pants such as Load and Mirko, and joggers like Barone and Irno.

The Zagara overshirt has become a new staple for Santaniello, alongside the Anemone model featuring a shirt collar and a double patch pocket on the chest. Among the vests, there’s the Follaro with a V-neck, two pockets, and a patch pocket on the front, complete with a classic adjustable buckle on the back. Additionally, there’s the Silene with a round neck and an iconic work pocket on the sides.

In addition to the “new suit,” born from a fusion with the workwear world, a 3-piece ensemble comprising a overshirt, vest, and pants, there is a return to more classic suits with a refined glossy finish, to be worn exclusively with a tie.

The colour palette for the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 collection takes inspiration from natural hues, evoking tree bark and autumnal fruit. Alongside seasonal variations of Santaniello’s signature colour, purple is introduced as the new blue, skillfully blended with brown and burnt tones.

A defining feature of this new collection is the reimagining of classic madras tartan patterns inspired by English archival designs.

In addition to wool, flannel is extensively used, giving fabrics a faded effect that softens patterns and blends colours. Among the fabrics, the irregular and textured surface of knickerbocker is featured, a rustic and brushed fabric commonly used to create sporty men’s jackets and traditional golf attire from the early 1800s.

In this context, it’s as though Santaniello is attuned to the echoes of classic tradition, reinterpreting them within contemporary designs.




Rediscover the original sense of uniqueness in a garment, before the term “unique” became synonymous with something singular, unrepeatable, and thus ephemeral. Nowadays, garments often seem like moments to be shared for the time it takes to receive a like on social media. Their uniqueness is often limited to a brief existence before being forgotten. After a long period of seeking unique items that last only briefly, we are refocusing on the idea of uniqueness as a value in the garments themselves. These unique pieces contribute to building a functional wardrobe.


Reconnect with the security of established standards, the foundations of dressing well, and the fundamentals in our wardrobes. As we navigate through the layers of fashion trends that have accumulated and now seem meaningless, the path forward is to simplify. This involves rediscovering the function of clothing in different contexts, paying attention to colour combinations, precise design, and the use of quality materials. Ask yourself, “What do I need? What do I want from this garment? What message do I want to convey by wearing it?” Essential here means substantial and indispensable. Every garment we wear should be the result of thoughtful selection, representing a relationship we have chosen to construct our style and project it to the outside world.


The sustainability of fashion can only be achieved through responsible consumption. Greater consumer awareness in making purchasing choices is driven by the education that every manufacturer can promote. The key is to have fewer garments, but of higher quality and longer durability, achieved through the careful selection of raw materials and thoughtful design. Versatile pieces capable of transcending trends and surviving changing seasons.


Imagine the wardrobe as a structure that communicates our identity to the world in an orderly and comprehensible way, with garments carefully arranged to suit different contexts and needs. There is the elegant suit and the everyday suit, the blue blazer, and various trousers. Each of these pieces should connect seamlessly, allowing you to build a consistently appropriate wardrobe using modular pieces.


Rediscover the wonder in something right before our eyes, which had previously been hidden by clutter and unnecessary excess. Reconnect with beauty, pure taste, and elegance without artificiality. The New Formal represents a renewed focus on form, which is the organized structure through which a particular content (of creativity, craftsmanship, raw materials, value) presents itself and captures our interest.

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