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Spring Summer 2021

Conceived and produced during exceptional circumstances, Santaniello SS2021 season is an open, concrete and evolving reflection on the new ways of dressing.
“Fashion is a wave that must be followed, even when it seems impetuous. You need to go along with it, adapting to what’s new, interpreting by your way and riding it”.

As if it were a boat.
These are the words of Antonio Santaniello, creative director of the brand who has always looked at nature – mostly at the sea – as a great source of inspiration.
“What matters today is transmitting emotion and overcoming distances to get involved and feel close each other again”
The SS2021 collection tries to compose the contradictions of the moment, setting them in the atmosphere of a city made of oxymorons.
Naples is made up of opposites: refined palaces, hidden neighborhoods, beaches, streets, terraces overlooking the sea.
Walking around the city you can find closed and protected intimacy, then suddenly an open, clear and airy view.
Naples is made up of water and fire, light and dark, colors and contrasts.

Once again, for Santaniello, the places as well as the garments intertwine past and present.
On the one hand the traditions and the vibrant present that can’t wait to get involved, on the other.
As Antonio Santaniello recalls “The past is a film to be rewound, with scenes that still live and themes that need to be updated”.

Of course, this process needs an appropriate selection.
In the SS2021 collection, quality comes before quantity: fewer garments but more refined, durable and consistent, with an intrinsic value made up of work, effort, constant study of design and materials able of interpreting current requests.
Which requests?
Comfort and elegance, once again two opposites to reconcile.
Because returning to the elegant and beautiful dress, as a response to a moment of crisis, goes hand in hand with the need for comfort. So we have trousers with larger volumes – such as the Clark model – or the comfortable overshirt Zagara to be worn as an alternative to the jacket.


The colors are blue, green, earth tones and gray scales.
The white color extends from the classic nautical combination with blue to a new illuminating role, thanks to the contrast with the natural tones.
As always, the fabric selection results from a great research through history, innovation, quality and sustainability.
As protagonists of SS 2021, cotton and linen are combined in blends that enhance their specific characteristics with successful results, such as the denim effect.
The Lycra® comfort stretch of Il Viaggiatore garments is also back, designed to be machine washed and without the need for ironing: it’s perfect for travelers 8as if they were a good omen to return to explore the world).

Naples is the emblem of our sartorial tradition.
Naples is also a harbor, one of the most important throughout history: a place from which starting towards a new research.
The symbol of a dynamic Italian way of doing that does not stop and always looks for stimuli to evolve his own identity.
And what if all this were a provocation?

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