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Salerno, 1968

Santaniello was created after the union, in life and in business, between the tailor Biagio Santaniello and the pants-maker Carmela Forino.
Tailoring tradition from Campania, artisan culture and made in Italy manufacture immediately pervade their activity, soon destined to evolve and turn into a company that in 1991 designed their first actual collection.
With their children Antonio, Giuliana and Carmine gradually taking over, Santaniello became a brand, above all thanks to the stylistic approach of the creative director Antonio, whose constant research from the beginning oriented to revive the sartorial tradition with new rules and modern inspirations.
In fact, creating new classics is the common thread that links the current collections to the roots of the brand, along a history that still weaves family and business today.
A path possible only through the study and in-depth knowledge of design, fabrics, details from the past and combined using new materials and reinterpreted forms and shapes.
This is how the garments of the many Santaniello labels were created, to collect and translate the multiple souls of fashion which, from then until now, continues to evolve between market needs and the constant search for new ideas.
Conceived as a place of study and analysis of the most varied areas, ACCADEMIA looks to the past to rethink the future, constantly keeping an eye on the needs of clothing called to bring together form and function, aesthetics and practicality.
From workwear to military uniforms, inspiration is everywhere.
Key word “lower environmental impact”, through careful research of raw materials that meet the criteria of sustainability, giving rise to garments that respect Mother Nature, in every detail. Recycled and eco-certified fabrics, dyes with natural pigments, raw linings and buttons produced from recycled paper.
Everything starts from a reflection on blue, the key color of men’s tailoring and a starting point for the definition of style. In our history, blue rhymes with absolute and timeless elegance, made possible by the careful selection of fabrics, the precious silky finishes and refined details such as nacre buttons.
Santaniello’s seasonal creative research labs, where tradition and innovation meet, giving rise to Evolved clothing, based on new interpretations of the classics through dyeing processes, prints, washes and experiments on the material.
Curtain lifted on the collection of tuxedos, wedding suits and formal suits that convey our way of interpreting elegance in the most important occasions, whether small or large events, parties or simple occasions to be seized.
Tailored comfort, elegance on the road, natural fitting. Il Viaggiatore is a collection designed to take the quality and style of a suit on the go, without sacrificing comfort. The classic lines combine with destructured and light constructions, thanks to the use of Lycra® stretch machine washable and which does not require ironing.
Perfect fit, extra comfort, ultra-light, easy care. The latest generation of technical fabric made in Italy, for a new frontier in tailoring capable of combining style and functionality.
ON contextualises the classic tradition of men’s clothes taking into account con-temporary requests. Versatile, innovative, practical. The ideal choice for a life always on the move.
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